Floor Plans


We at HappyMind helps customers to easily visualize and conceptualize their ideas in the design of their home and shop properties in 2 & 3 dimensions through our 3D floorplan, 2D & 3D site plan. You just provide us the architecture diagram or just give us the hand-drawn picture. We will provide you high quality 2D and 3D plans for less cost. It best fits for real estate agents to showcase their property.

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Evacuation Plan

Fire EvacuationAre you a company or personal working in Health & Safety industry? We can help you creating high quality plans compliance with UK, Australia and US standards. You provide us the architecture diagram or just give us the hand-drawn picture with equipment details. We will customize the diagram based on your branding. We offer the delivery in 48 hours based on the volume of work

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Visio Drafting

We started our first work with Visio Drafting and did not had to look back till date. We have completed a lot of project and still doing. We can manage any work in Visio to name a few, Floor Plans, Site Plan, Work Flow, Organisational Chart, Educational Drawings, Technical & Engineering Drawing, Personality Test Drawings, Pictorial Representation etc..


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Prezi & PowerPoint Presentations

Our expert team will do high quality presentation, deliverable defines us. We emphasis on providing design solutions that serve multiple purposes and are easily maintained and updated by clients themselves. We can handling corporate presentations, Pitch Decks, Marketing presentations.


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